Ventura County Search and Rescue East Valley Team 3 (VCSAR 3) is comprised of highly dedicated and skilled volunteers who are able to respond to wilderness emergencies in Ventura County. VCSAR 3 team members are extensively trained in search techniques, technical rope rescue, tracking, swiftwater rescue, communications, winter operations, urban search and rescue, and search management. For over 25 years, VCSAR Team 3 has participated in wilderness and urban search and rescue operations under the direction of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. The VCSAR 3 team has met the rigorous requirements of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) since 1989 and is a member of the California Region of the MRA. The VCSAR 3 team's response area includes the Ventura County portion of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Santa Susanna Mountains. The VCSAR 3 team assists the other search and rescue teams in Ventura County: Fillmore, Upper Ojai, Dive, Canine, Posse, and Medical. The VCSAR 3 team is capable of responding outside of Ventura County and has assisted is search and rescue operations in the Sierras and throughout the State of California.



Latest News

Latest news about the team

June 9, 2014: Six Lost Hikers - Point Mugu State Park

Field team bringing the subjects down to the rescue trucks in La Jolla Valley. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

06/09/14, Monday 21:00 – 06/10/14, Tuesday, 02:30 Hours

A group of six day hikers including several juveniles went for a hike in the Point Mugu State Park. They were caught out on the trail after dark with the fog rolling in. They call 911 who activated the East Valley search team. Eighteen members responded to hike up the Chumash and La Jolla trails along with driving into the La Jolla Valley. The field teams located the subjects on a peak shrouded in fog where the visibility was down to 10 feet. All the subjects were in good condition. The field team walked the subjects down the the rescue trucks in La Jolla Valley. The trucks drove the hikers back to their vehicle at the Chumash trailhead.

October 3, 2013: Missing Hiker - The Pinnacles, Lake Arrowhead

J. Gaul flying to a remote search assignment. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

10/03/13, Thursday 05:00 – 10/05/13, Saturday, 20:00 Hours

A male German national in his 60's was attending a conference in the Lake Arrowhead area in the San Bernardino mountains. The conference offered a guided hike to The Pinnacles rock formation north of Lake Arrowhead on Tuesday, 10/1/13. The subject had fallen behind and became separated from the group. The local San Bernardino teams started searching for the subject Tuesday night and continued through Wednesday.

August 2013 - Six Members Receive Service Awards

Six members receive their service awards from Sheriff Geoff Dean at the Ventura County Search and Rescue annual All Team training.

Michelle Fishman - 5 Years.

May 2, 2013: Brush Fire - Newbury Park

Team members monitoring the fire near Cal. State Channel Islands. Photo by Michael White

05/02/13, Thursday, 09:40 – 17:00 Hours

The team was called out for the large Spring Fire to help evaluate residences in Newbury Park and students from the California State University Channel Islands.

Apr. 12, 2013: Injured Subject - Moorpark

Team command post during the search. Photo by Jeff Tregembo

04/12/13, Saturday 11:30 – 15:00 Hours

A serious traffic accident occurred Friday night on Arroyo Drive in Moorpark. A mother and daughter received moderate injuries. One of the drivers ran away for the scene into the nearby hillside and riverbed. He may have been seriously injured in the crash. Ventura County sheriff's deputies searched throughout the night for the driver. The East Valley Team was called out to thoroughly search the heavy brush, bamboo, and water for the subject using the line search technique. After the team searched the requested areas, the team was released.