June 2011 - Three Members Attend MRA Spring Conference in Eagle, CO

Antonio Arizo, Rob Hitchcock, and Kate Marley attended the 2011 MRA National Spring Conference held in Eagle, CO, in June 2011. The three day conference provided an opportunity for the team members to interact with rescuers from throughout the country in technical rescue scenarios and search operations that concentrated on the incident command system. The members were exposed to different rescue techniques and utilize alternative rescue tools. The information obtained at the conference is brought back to the team.

The conference included a tour of the Army's High Altitude Aviation Training Site which performs many of the helicopter rescues in Colorado.

Antonio Arizo testing the Highline over the raging Eagle River. Photo by: Jason Kammerer

Rob Hitchcock checking out the pilot seat of a UH58 KIOWAS helicopter.

Kate Marley guiding the litter over a scree field. Photo by: Bob Huey