July 10,, 2015: Missing Hiker - Ventana Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest

Team members searching through the rugged terrain. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

07/10/15, Friday 19:00 Hours - 07/13/15, Monday 02:00 Hours

A 76-year-old male hiker left out of a campground near Big Sur on Wednesday, 7/8/15, for a day hike. He did not return. The Monterey County Search and Rescue including other teams from the Bay Area conducted a search of the area for two days. The East Valley team along with the Fillmore and Upper Ojai team were requested to assist on the search over the weekend. Nine East Valley members responded.

The team drove 6 hours through the night to Big Sur. In the morning, members were broken into field teams and were flown into the search area by a Seahawk helicopter out of Navel Station Lemoore. The field teams searched the rugged mountains checking areas off the well traveled main trails. The field teams spent the night in the field and continued their search on Sunday. A CHP helicopter assisted in moving the field teams to new search assignments.

During the search on Sunday there was a report of a ill hiker on one of the main trails. The helicopter from Lemoore was unable to locate the subject from the air. One the field teams was directed to search the trail by foot. They located the subject and evaluated the subject who was exhausted and dehydrated. The team directed the helicopter to their location. A medic was lowered to the trail to treat the patient. The medic and patient were hoisted up to the copter where the patient was flown to a hospital for treatment.

The search for the missing subject was suspended Sunday evening.