April 28, 2015: Missing Hiker - Mount San Jacinto State Park

Team members preparing to start their search near San Jacinto Peak. Photo by Antonio M. Arizo

04/23/15, Tuesday 04:00 - 21:00 Hours

A 34-year-old male was on a day hike with several other hikers on Saturday, 4/25/15, to San Jacinto Peak. The weather started to turn for the worse and the hiking party turned around to head back down at the 10,000 foot level. The subject got separated from the party and call 911 for help. The Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit responded to search for the subject. A strong storm came through that dump several inches of snow and iced over the trees. Several other teams from other counties responded to assist with the search.

The East Valley team along with members of the Fillmore team were requested to assist on Tuesday, 4/23/15. Six members from the East Valley team along with three members from the Fillmore team responded. The field teams were flow up the mountain to their search areas. After a few hours of searching, it was reported that the subject had walked down the mountain to a road where a passerby spotted him and transported him to the command post.