December 7, 2014: Three Lost Hikers - Point Mugu State Park

12/07/14, Sunday 19:15 - 21:00 Hours

Three males went for a hike out of the Sandstone Peak trailhead to the top of Sandstone Peak. The area around Boney Mountain has many trailheads with a maze of marked and un-marked trails. The hikers got turned around and once darkness fell, found themselves unable to find their way out.

The team was called out to find the subjects. Field teams started searching from both the Circle X Ranch area and Sycamore Canyon in the Point Mugu State Park. The command post was able to call one of the subjects and was able to get their location from their smart phone. Field teams were directed to that location and were able to find the subjects in good condition. The subjects were hiked out and returned back to their vehicle.